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Aix aux Trésors de Provence

Treasure hunt riddles

Aix aux trésors de Provence is a wealth of innovative agency in cultural and tourist offers, the time for a morning or an afternoon in Provence : you discover the cultural wonders of the city of Aix en Provence

Throughout the year, we organize, by appointment, games, educational track in a festive approach to the city and its heritage.

Specialist organizing hunts, Aix aux Tresors de Provence will involve the teamwork of your group in a dynamic and friendly atmosphere outside the newspaper.

Our philosophy? Do you have a playful and fun entertainment for everyone.
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Concept Presentation of the animation :

What is a treasure hunt, a treasure hunt ?

Teams must discover the city in progressing puzzle riddle, guided by their log books. In some places, participants face challenges and other events ...

Participants must be logical and teamwork to meet the challenges, and use their observation skills and initiative.

A treasure hunt is an animation that allows the discovery of the city through its landmarks and mysterious often unknown by the general public. numents principaux et mystérieux souvent méconnus du grand public.

When and what time ?

Our treasure hunts are organized throughout the year, on weekdays as on weekends, school holidays.

We offer three meetings of appointment to choose from: 9 am, 2pm or 6pm.

During the day, the buildings are open. In the evening, a different atmosphere emerges, the illuminations used theater to the puzzles.

This animation lasts about 2h30 :
  • 15 minutes of game presentation by a tourist guide and play equipment
  • 2H15 of effective treasure hunt


Throughout the year Aix aux Trésors de Provence never misses an opportunity to have fun by offering various seasonal events. You just have to choose...
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